Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Custom Made Items Just for You

Each one of our products is special made just for you.

Native American Handmade

Each high quality bead hand placed on a beading wire with the knowledge passed down from her grandmother.

Many Different Beads Used

Snowflake Obsidian, Red Coral, Unakite, Onyx, Cedar Seads and so many other beads are used in these beautiful creations.

About the Crafter


 Yá át ééh.
Shí éí Valencia Redhouse yínyishé .
* My name is Valencia Redhouse.
TŁashchíí níshlí.
* My mother's clan is Red bottom people.
Hónaghooní báshíchíín .
* I'm born (my father's clan) for One Who Walks Around.
Táchééníí dáh shí cheíí
* My maternal grandfather is Red Running Into Water People Clan.
Kíí'yá'áání dáh shí nallí.
* My paternal grandfather is Towering House Clan.
Tsinaabaas Habitiin déé náshą .
* I am from Bodaway Gap, Arizona.
Nádíín-náákíí shí náhey .
* I am 22 years old.
Táá áłchíní shé hálóó Aaron Bedonie bíł.
* I have three children with Aaron Bedonie.
Adrian, Lyla dóó Kylli Bedonie wolyéh.
*Their names are Adrian, Lyla and Kylli Bedonie.
Diné kéchíí ałchéédí shíł báhozíín dóó bíhóósháhh .
* I understand Navajo good but I'm still learning how to pronounce it right.

My parents started me out beading around the age of 5. I had fell in love with how my work would travel with the buyer who would show it off to family and friends. I still continue to be fascinated by where people come from and their culture as they are with mine. I currently live in Richfield, Utah. I also have started out my girls on beading as well, so keep a look out for one of a kind treasure necklaces. I also carry pieces family and friends have made. (sterling silver,nickel, copper, pottery